Listener Feedback: Susan Stamberg's 'Sexist' Interview & (of course) Technical Issues

Sep 8, 2014

We had an email last Monday from listener, Rodger.  He says, “The interview by Susan Stamberg this morning with the new director of the Kennedy Center was sexist. The first things that Susan pointed out were the director's age, cute haircut and smart A-line dress."

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Michael continued, "Imagine her pointing out a new male director's smart suit, haircut and five o'clock shadow. Wouldn't happen. I am interested in this person’s qualifications and vision for the future, not her looks or wardrobe!”

This one came from Connie, “I have spent way too much time figuring out how to “interact,” or sent a comment - which is probably my fault. Regardless, if you ever decide that Garrisom Keillor’s delivery has become annoying, I hope you will consider carrying the Diane Rehm Show. We so enjoy hearing her when we are traveling.I first starting listening to you years ago because of This American Life - best program on public radio."

From the listener comment line, this one from Suzie in Lexington, “I have been having trouble, the last couple of weeks, receiving you when I am in Lexington and I’ve never had trouble before.  I just wanted to let you know because I thought you might not be aware. Something’s going on.”

Our response to Suzie is that she may have been experiencing the phenomenon of tropospheric skipping which can interrupt local signals around this time of year.  At the moment, we are not aware of any issues with the 88.9 FM signal.

And this one from Michael in Clintwood, Virginia, “It’s 25 minutes after 7:00 and I don’t hear The World.”

And, on that one, I must confess to Michael that that mistake was mine. (Following that day’s “live” segments of All Things Considered), I had accidentally left the wrong audio signal “on.”  Thanks goodness I hadn’t gone home yet, (noticed the problem) and was able to get The World on at least before it ended.

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