Listener Feedback: Repeating Stories, Missing Woodsongs, 88.9 Signal Issues

Jul 14, 2014

On Wednesday morning, Chris from Lexington, wrote, “Didn't we hear all of today's stories yesterday?” As examples, he pointed out the “Jack Conway story” and the “police car story.”

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Chris followed up with, “By the way, the news on that one isn't the fee, it's the fact that it's being proposed at all. They're not currently taking cars home.”

We wrote back explaining that they were stories that we aired Tuesday afternoon during All Things Considered.  I explained that, while that is not always the best practice, it is not uncommon for us, especially on relatively slow news days.

In general, our attitude is that, since Morning Edition has more listeners than All Things Considered, there will be many who have not heard a story that aired the previous afternoon. One thing we do is try to use re-written versions in the morning whenever time or personnel resources allow.

Here’s another message, also on Facebook, sent to us Saturday evening.  Regrettably, no one saw it until well after it was too late to do anything about it. It’s from Karen, in Hazard, Woodsongs isn't being broadcast - silence since the end of Prairie Home Companion.”
The explanation for that one was that it was a side-effect of last week's special three-hour Prairie Home Companion. We failed to put Woodsongs back into the schedule but I can assure you it's already in for next week.

And finally, Jake, from Lexington wrote on Wednesday, reporting signal problems especially near the UK campus.  He comments, “Yesterday I understand that alterations were being made to some aspect of your broadcast intended to strengthen the signal and make service more reliable. I am hopeful that today was a strange anomaly or some growing pains of new technology.”He is correct about a reduced signal for a while on Wednesday as well as Tuesday.  Apparently, he did not happen to hear the announcements we made prior to Wednesday’s engineering work.  The 88.9 signal should be back to 100% coverage now.

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