Listener Feedback: Diverse Talk Show Panels & Olympic 'Spoiler Alerts'

Feb 24, 2014

Last week, after our Eastern Standard show from Frankfort, discussing this year's legislative session, Sharon wrote to us first with kind words about our weekly show. She went on to say, “There's something that I noticed immediately when you introduced your guests: They were all men. It's not so obvious on radio, but I'm pretty sure they're all white as well. Did you notice this, and try (and fail) to book a more diverse group of experts? I sure hope it was not a deliberate choice.”

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From WEKU To Sharon: It is something we are constantly aware of. The leaders of Kentucky's legislative bodies happen to be white men right now. And, regrettably, the panel of journalists we put together turned out to be the same. That was NOT by design. We absolutely tried to diversify that group but were unable to do so.

I will draw your attention to the Eastern Standard area on the WEKU website for clear evidence that we are working hard to have a diverse mix of guests.

From the WEKU Listener Comment Line, a caller asks, “Please, start telling your local and national news reporters that, when they're gonna announce sporting events results, especially delayed ones like the Olympics, could they warn the listeners that maybe they can turn down the radio or do something? I've had results ruined for me two times because your news announcers blurt out results faster than you can turn down the radio or change it.”

Again from WEKU: NPR had promised stations that they would work to give adequate “spoiler alerts” so listeners could turn down their radios before Olympics results. We even posted a note on our website saying so.

It's obvious NPR missed that goal many times during the past two weeks. We're sorry we couldn't do anything about it. We rely on NPR and the BBC for coverage of the Olympics.

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