Listener Feedback from Crave Lexington

Sep 15, 2014

WEKU staff were present for the weekend’s Crave Lexington Festival.  As we did a few weeks ago at the Woodland Art Fair, we recorded some comments at the event.

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Ann: “I really enjoy listening to WEKU because I get news from all over the world, stories that are close to home all the way to things going on in Africa and the Middle East. Anywhere in the world, I can find about what’s taking place and the most important stories.”

Ted: “I moved to Lexington three and a half years ago.  My favorite part of WEKU is your weekend programming. There’s nothing better than getting chores done around the house while listening to WEKU.”

Maria: “I’m a volunteer with Radio Eye and, since I started volunteering there in 2009, I said, ‘You need to make the service available for the blind and print-disabled in Eastern Kentucky because we have so many.’  Thanks to WEKU donating their subcarrier wave to Radio Eye, we now have transmitters working in Pineville, Corbin and Hazard.”

Priya, “I’m originally from India and grew up in Dubai.  There are times when I’ll sit in my car when I’ve got to work, just because a segment’s ongoing and I can’t switch it off to get in.  So, every now and then I’m in the parking lot, texting somebody, saying ‘I’m here, but as soon as this segment’s over, I’ll be in.’”

Skyler, “I love that WEKU gives a voice to all of its listeners and that people are able to let their voice be heard about the things that they hear on the radio.”

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