Lexington's Kearney Hill Golf Course Hosting National Girls Junior PGA Event

Jul 9, 2018

Players from all over the U.S. and even outside the country are competing in this week’s Girls Junior PGA Championship in Lexington. Organizers expect to see many of these young ladies on the professional golf tour in the future. 

The practice tee at Kearney Hill Saturday saw many young competitors preparing for a marque national golf event. Among them, Brianna Navarrosa from San Diego. The 16 -year -old said she’d been playing golf for about 8 years and puts in 30 or so hours of practice each week. “I like it. I have friends who play golf and we just go and it’s just fun. I think the more you get better the more fun it is, but that’s with every sport. I just love the game,” said Navarrosa. 

14 -year -old Reagan Zibilski of Springfield, Missouri has been playing golf for more than half her life.  “I started playing golf when I was about five, but I started playing competitively whenever I was about nine or ten. So, I’ve been at it a while,” noted Zibilski. 

The youngest competitor in the 144 player field is eleven. Kearney previously played host to the PGA Junior Series for 15 years. A winner will emerge from the four day event on Thursday.