Lexington Police to Provide Suggestions on Citizen Interaction with Officers

Sep 30, 2016

Lexington police are developing informational material for the public about proper response to “stops” by law enforcement officers.  It will be included in a pamphlet that will soon be released.

Lexington Police Chief Mark Barnard
Credit lexingtonky.gov

The brochure is expected to include information on how to act when stopped in a car, on the street, or if an officer comes to a residence. 

Police Chief Mark Barnard told council members this week that local pastors had asked about family members who may travel outside Lexington.  “We communicate well in Lexington, but their concern is, overall, if my child or friend of mine goes outside Lexington, how do I train that person to interact with law enforcement,” said Barnard.

In addition to pamphlets, Barnard said officers may teach classes and share information with police agencies in other states. ​