Lexington Police Investigation Possible Connection in Gas Station Robberies

Dec 4, 2017

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington police continue their investigation into five separate robberies or attempted robberies at area gas stations.  Authorities have reason to believe the crimes may be connected.

Lexington Police Spokeswoman Brenna Angel says owners of 24 hour a day businesses typically are aware of crime prevention techniques, like strategically placed cameras. Making sure activity inside a business can be seen from the outside also falls into the crime prevention category.  “There are a lot of things that businesses can do.  Certainly by from the lighting to making sure that people can see in to the business so there’s not opportunities for someone to go in and find a place to hide or conceal themselves,” said Angel.
Angel says changing technologies, particularly as it relates to the clarity of surveillance pictures, are also helping with crime solving activities today.  In the case of the recent gas station robberies, Angel says intelligible audio comments were also recovered.