Lexington Poised to Take Over Operation of Downtown Arts Center

May 27, 2014

Credit transy.edu

The City of Lexington is set to take on a key role in operating the Downtown Arts Center.  The facility, opened in 2002, has been under the management of Lexaets, the area’s primary arts fundraising agency.   

Urban County Council Member Harry Clarke says final details are being ironed out to relieve Lexarts of that responsibility.  "It shouldn't be their responsibility to run the Downtown Arts Center, because that's not what they're for.  So, we decided, and they agreed, that we would take it over as a city, develop a plan, the plan has been developed for how to use that building and how to promote all the facilities in there," said Clarke.

Clarke says the Arts Center would include art studio, exhibition, and performance space.  He believes it's feasible to double the effectiveness of the downtown facility for the city's $109 thousand appropriation.  "I see it as a really exciting place for downtown.  It doesn't have to be an evening concert.  It can be a noon concert, for instance.  We're not doing any of that.  That place could be busy on a daily basis," explained Clarke.

Clarke says there's an internal plan being developed.  He anticipates the change in facility management to become effective with passage of a new budget at the end of June. ​