Lexington Planning Commission Votes to Maintain Urban Service Boundary

Sep 8, 2017

Credit kentucky.com

Lexington's Planning Commission has voted to keep the combined city/county community’s urban service boundary as is. 

The seven-to-four vote Thursday followed a nine-month review process.

Much of the attention for such comprehensive plan updates is often on whether to extend the boundary for future development. 

Fayette Alliance Director Susan Speckert is pleased the commission backed the suggestions of the planning staff.

“Their recommendations were based on objective data, tested planning principles and overwhelming public sentiment,” said Speckert.

Planning Commission Member Mike Cravens cast a “no” vote on the comprehensive plan goals and objectives. “I just don’t think this is a plan for the future.  It goes backwards.  It’s negative.  If someone were reading it from outside the county, they’d say that county’s closed for business,” argued Cravens.

The matter now comes to the Lexington council.  Vice Mayor Steve Kay says an ad hoc committee comprised of all council members will work through the recommendations. 

He says at least one public meeting to allow for citizen comment will be held in the coming weeks.  Council has 90 days to act on the comprehensive plan or let it move forward without a council vote.