Lexington Philharmonic Presents Tango Opera at Downtown Arts Center

Jan 25, 2013

If you look for a definition of the word "classic," you come up with, "something that has stood the test of time." What we call "classical music" comes from a European-derived reverence for music Hayden, Mozart, Beethoven, and others. But where does timeless ethnic music of other cultures fit in? 

Under the leadership of music director, Scott Terrell, the Lexington Philharmonic has been exploring all the possibilities for producing what also might be called "art music." Music that not only stands the test of time, but is written and performed at a very high level, regardless of the country of origin. Next week, the philharmonic will produce a series of performances featuring the tango opera, Maria De Buenos Aires of Argentinean composer,  Ástor Piazzolla.

Rather than performing the work in a large symphony hall, the orchestra moves into the Downtown Arts Center for a rather intimate staging of this masterwork. 

The Lexington Philharmonic presents
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