Lexington Opens Fourth Skate Park

Jul 19, 2017

Another public skate park is now open in Lexington.  

The official ribbon-cutting for the five-obstacle ramp skate park at Valley Park took place Tuesday.

The skate park in the Cardinal Valley community of Lexington brings the total number of skate parks citywide to four. 

Council Member Peggy Henson says she got a request for such a recreational facility about two years ago, but never thought it would be up and going by now. 

She says anything to bring about community is good, "I think it’s really, really important that we curb our violence and we’ve got to do that by investing in our children.”

Carol Perkins, a 40 year resident who lives two blocks from the park, says she and her daughters found friends at the park.

“Cardinal Valley Park helps build a community.  Our wonderful ballet program does that now, our soccer program, and now children who like skateboards are going to make friends with other children who like skateboards,” noted Perkins.

Lexington's cost to build the skate park in west Lexington was $50,000.  A number of area children will participate in a two-day clinic to learn basic skateboarding. 

Lexington’s other three skate board parks are found at Berry Hill, Woodland, and Kirklevington parks.