Lexington Officials Unveil New Fire Truck for Specialized Emergencies

Dec 1, 2017

Lexington Firefighter Chris Bartley offers Lexington Mayor Jim Gray a tour of inside of the new fire truck
Credit Stu Johnson

Lexington firefighters now have the use of a new custom built fire truck to respond to specialized emergencies.  Mayor Jim Gray and fire officials unveiled the $826,000 Rescue 1 vehicle this afternoon at the main fire station downtown.

Fire Chief Kristin Chilton says it would be cost prohibitive to train every firefighter for these particular emergencies. “Detailed operations like I said like rope rescue in confined space and high and low angle rescue, large animal rescue, a lot of extrication, like we had a bus or a tank truck that was turned over on the interstate,” said Chilton.  “This carries a lot of heavy duty equipment that could be used in those types of situations”

Since 2011, Lexington government has spent almost $18 million to improve firefighting equipment, including just over $14 million on trucks. 

The Rescue 1 truck is at the fire station at Maxwell and Merino.​