Lexington Officials Concerned About Cable TV Complaints

Jan 21, 2014

The number of cable television concerns expressed by Lexington residents is causing concern for some city leaders.  While the city continues negotiations for a renewed agreement with Time Warner Cable, Council member Harry Clark says some of the citizen comments made at a recent public hearing were ‘horrifying.’  “This is not sufficient for Lexington Kentucky.  I mean we value the quality of life in a lot of ways, and this is a standard that we ought to be providing for all of our citizens who are interested in cable,” said Clark.

Time Warner Cable Spokesman Mike Pedelty (PED-ul-tea) admits conversion from a previous carrier to Time Warner has resulted in some transition pain. “Well you’re talking about electronics, you’re talking about software that are sometimes not compatible, so again getting it on to our system with our software, our network and make sure the products work and work reliably,” said Pedelty.

Still, there were a number of questions raised by Council members recently. City Law Commissioner, Janet Graham was asked about the possibility of another cable firm entering the market. “The ability to provide the service to a large group of people and that’s where you get into not as many companies would be able to do that.  So’s it’s always, you always want competition.  I think the question is how many companies are out there that would be able to provide the service,” said Graham.

Graham says it's difficult to predict when a new cable franchise will be signed.