Lexington Mayor Talks Jobs, Public Safety with Rotarians.

Aug 21, 2014

Credit Stu Johnson / Weku News

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says the city has climbed out of the recession.  Gray offered an assessment of his first three years in office to Lexington Rotarians Thursday.  The first term mayor admits job creation efforts never end.  "Lexington has come out of the recession as a university city faster than other cities our size.  Now, we have many challenges ahead of us.  That's the nature of good management," said Gray.

Gray says illegal drug use remains the primary factor in violent crime in his town.  The mayor says $500 million has been spent on public safety during the first three years of his term.  Gray says random violent crime is typically not found in the bluegrass community.  "You know, I often quote Chief Ronnie Bastin who says unless you are involved in an illegal activity, you have a very low chance of experiencing a violent act in Lexington," added Gray.

In taking questions from Rotarians, Gray was asked about his thoughts on the future of a Rupp Arena project.  He said, "When the time is right, the plan is ready."  A request for state funding during the last legislative session proved unsuccessful.  The Rupp plan was suspended indefinitely this past spring.  Lexington mayoral candidate Anthony Beatty is scheduled to speak to the Rotary Club on September 18th.​