Lexington Mayor Gray Joins Christian Academy Students for 'Spirit Flag'-Raising

Mar 17, 2017

Lexington’s mayor participated in a special flag-raising event Thursday.  As WEKU’S Stu Johnson reports, it marked the unveiling of the city’s first community spirit flag.   

Mayor Gray:  "I will tell you, that you all have confirmed, that if you got to get a tough job done, then give it to the students and the teachers, congratulations," Mayor Jim Gray’s comments just before the community spirit flag was hoisted up the pole at the Lexington Christian Academy.  

Reece Liken is president of the school’s student council, “Right now as much as ever, it’s important that we all come together despite our differences in politics, religion, anything.  And this is a symbol of that.  While we have our differences and opinions and just everything in general, it’s important that we remember, that, at the end of the day, we’re all one and we’re all fighting for the same goal.”

The focus on a new flag started after a group of eighth graders visited Lexington Council in December. ​