Lexington Leaders Considering $2M Worth of Park Improvements

Jun 1, 2015

Credit lexingtonky.gov

The budget proposal before Lexington Council members includes a number of neighborhood park refurbishing projects.  The mayor's plan calls for almost $2 million in improvements.  General Services Commissioner Geoff Reed says parking lot developments and upgrades to playing courts could be completed within a year or so.  "Some of the other projects that they're discussing like new bathrooms which involves construction, interaction with neighborhoods for the planning process of where folks want things, what they want them to look like which parks is very good at doing may take a little longer," said Reed.

Reed says having a city parks project manager has helped to complete improvements in a timelier manner.   Still, Reed says keeping up with park needs has been a challenge.  "We're doing better at getting projects moved along because we've got the personnel necessary to complete them and doing more work with private contractors," added Reed.

Reed says much of the needed repairs come following a period of tight funding due to the recession.​