Lexington Launching New Water Tank Era

Aug 29, 2016

Credit Stu Johnson WEKU News

A massive overhaul of Lexington's sewer system includes meeting capacity demands for new developments.  It’s a project rooted in fixing problems while providing for new sewer connections.

As part of a federal mandate to upgrade the system, Lexington must meet standards in the "Sanitary Sewer Capacity Assurance Program." Council members were briefed on a CAP audit last week.

Water Quality Division Director Charlie Martin says developers count on sufficient sewer services.  “If you’re investing your money into developing a site, building buildings and all that, you don’t want to wait til you’re ready for a statement of occupancy, come down here and me tell you, ‘Oh well no, you can’t do that right now,’” explained Martin.   “We needed to get way ahead of the game.”

The Summit commercial development is well underway at the corner of Nicholasville Road and Man O War Boulevard.  Martin says sewers are in place now to handle the demands anticipated at that retail site.

One of the massive new wet water storage tanks in Lexington is about to go "live."  The 22 million gallon tank near the Town Branch Treatment Center is scheduled to be opened in mid-September.  The tanks are expected to greatly reduce sewage overflows from manholes.