Lexington Event Named Best New Rodeo by Cowboys

Nov 30, 2015

Credit PRCA


The Lexington Professional Rodeo has been recognized for its inaugural summertime event.  Additions are already being planned for year two at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Lexington Rodeo was recognized this month as the best new rodeo in the nine-state Great Lakes Circuit.  Voted-on by the participating cowboys, the honor covers everything from facilities, to hospitality, to parking.  Kyle Brennecke won last June’s rodeo.  He says competing in the covered Alltech Arena is nice.  “You usually don’t see that in a lot of rodeo’s you go to.  It may just be in some old race track, dirt race track they’ve put an arena up at,” said Brennecke.  “It’s always good when you get a place like that you get to go ride in.”

Marilyn Knutson is secretary of the Great Lakes Pro Rodeo Circuit.  She says Lexington officials were asking for suggestions during the 36th finals this month in Louisville.  “They were there very early in the day and they wanted to talk to any of the contestants that were in Lexington and what can we do for you this year?  Are there any changes you want us to make.  They are Johnny on the spot,” said Knutson.

The Lexington Rotary Club took on the Lexington Rodeo project.  Rotarian Ken Wooden says planning is well underway for a new halftime show.  “Which we are basing off of a show that was done for the Queen of England’s 86th birthday in England, complete with a stage coach,” said Wooden.

Also new for next June’s event is the Miss Rodeo pageant.  The Lexington Rodeo will again be held Father’s Day week, June 17th and 18th 20-16.​