Lexington Cemetery Manager Talks History in Light of Confederate Statue Request

Sep 11, 2017

Lexington’s Mayor will go before the nine-member board of the Lexington Cemetery Monday afternoon.

Jim Gray will ask for approval to relocate two Confederate statues from the Old Courthouse grounds to the facility on Main Street, just west of downtown.

Since the first interment there in 1849, many people with historical significance have been laid to rest in this cemetery,  including Confederate general John Hunt Morgan and lawyer, politician, and soldier John Breckinridge. 

Speaking just a few feet from the grave of John Hunt Morgan, General Manager Mark Durbin says there are over 73,000 persons buried in the cemetery’s 170 acres.

That’s Lexington Cemetery General Manager Mark Durbin with WEKU’S Stu Johnson. 

The cemetery board is scheduled to meet at four o clock Monday to consider Mayor Jim Gray’s request to move two Confederate statues to the cemetery from their current site in downtown Lexington.