Lawmakers Hear Recommendations On How To Stop School Shootings

Jun 12, 2018

A group of school safety experts shied away from controversial policies like arming teachers or new gun regulations. Instead, they advised schools improve security, hire more school resource officers and find new ways to detect and prevent possible shootings. 

Kentucky Center for School Safety executive director Jon Akers says schools need to train students and teachers about how to escape or hide during an active shooter situation. 
“We need to teach the kids if you’re in the commons area and something bad should happen, where would you go?” If you can’t run out of the building can you hide in the bathroom? Can you get into a classroom where they lock down much like they did at Marshall?” 
Akers says there have been 294 threats of school violence in the state since the Marshall County shooting on Jan 23. Two 15-year-old students died

During this year’s legislative session, lawmakers proposed a variety of bills dealing with school safety--ranging from arming teachers to hiring more mental health counselors—but none of the measures passed. 
During the hearing on Monday, school safety experts recommended that schools lock all doors during the day and use video-intercom systems to assess visitors before they enter the building.