KY Lawmakers Easily Override Governor's Veto

Apr 13, 2018


Gov. Matt Bevin

The Kentucky House of Representatives has overridden a veto from Gov. Matt Bevin to make it easier for some agencies to leave the state's troubled retirement system.

Bevin said the bill would require the state to finance the agencies' exits with no interest, eventually costing taxpayers up to $2 billion dollars. Bevin supported the bill's other provision, which would give local governments more time to make increased pension contributions. Bevin asked for lawmakers to pass that provision in a separate bill either today or tomorrow. But lawmakers did not agree. Teachers across the commonwealth continued their protest for more education funding and changes to the state pension system. Here’s Retired Teacher Ken Wolf in Murray:

The House voted to override Bevin's veto by a vote of 94-2. The Senate soon followed with a vote of 34-4. Local governments had warned they would have to lay off workers and cut services if the bill did not become law.

“There isn’t enough money to pay teachers what theY really deserve and there isn’t enough money to help the students,” said retired teacher  Ken Wolf, who lives in Murray.