KY Joins SMART 911 Program

Aug 16, 2011

Fayette and four other Kentucky Counties are now participating in a nationwide SMART 9-1-1 service. City police and fire officials provided details of the new data collection system on Monday.

Lexington E 9-1-1 director David Lucas says residents can register for free at a special website, and provide as much detailed information as they want. In the event of an emergency 9-1-1 call, dispatchers would then be able to relay that information to emergency personnel.

" and actually it provides them more time to get other information. We've got all that profile information they can cut and paste and have that. And they can get more important information about what's happening right there not all the background."

Lucas says SMART 9-1-1 uses a secure, confidential website.

"We do not see any of this information unless you call 9-1-1. So all the information you have and you provide, we only see it when you dial those three magic numbers. And, we can only see it for a limited amount of time. So once the incident is over, it expires and we don't have any more access to that information. So it's a snapshot that we use for that 9-1-1 call."

City officials especially encourage incoming college students to register with SMART 9-1-1 since many of them don't have a land line in their residences.