Kentucky's Irish Heritage on Eastern Standard

Mar 17, 2016

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Thursday is Saint Patrick's Day, meanwhile the Kentucky State House has declared March Irish Heritage month in the Commonwealth. On this week's Eastern Standard, we'll talk about Irish Heritage and history in Kentucky.


Aidan Connolly - Chief Innovation Officer at Alltech, Inc. Nephew of Alltech's founder, Pearse Lyons. Aidan is an Irish National.

Bill Enright‚Äč - President of the Bluegrass Irish Society and chairman of the Alltech Lexington St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival in Lexington for the last 37 years. His parents hail from Ireland, and moved to the area for work related reasons.

Rory Harris - Technically British, and describes himself as a "Plastic Paddy," someone who aspires to be Irish, with Irish parents or otherwise associates themselves with Ireland. Moved here in 1990, working for a British company, and fell in love with the Lexington Area.