Kentucky Supreme Court Hears Pension Case This Week

Sep 17, 2018


The challenge against Kentucky’s new pension law will be heard by the Supreme Court of Kentucky on Thursday.  The hearing will pit Kentucky’s two preeminent political rivals against each other and puts retirement benefits for thousands state workers in the balance. 

At issue is whether lawmakers broke the law by employing frequently-used procedures that allow them to pass bills quickly at the end of a legislative session. 

One of the procedures is to strip a bill of its contents and replace it with new language in order to avoid holding additional public hearings late in a legislative session. 

The other is to waive the requirement that bills be formally presented on three separate days before they are eligible to be voted on by the full state House and Senate. 

The pension law was blocked by a lower court. The bill makes many changes to retirement benefits, especially for future workers. 
Gov. Matt Bevin says the changes are necessary to keep the state’s pension systems viable. Attorney General Andy Beshear is arguing against them.