Kentucky Senate Committee Approves "Blowout Bar" Bill

Feb 7, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

A Kentucky senate committee has unanimously backed legislation which could help grow the state’s “blowout bar” offerings. 

The bill, sponsored by Louisville Senator Denise Harper-Angel, calls for limited licensure for businesses which offer hair washing and drying services only.  She says the measure lowers the current 1,500-hour training requirement.  “When you are just washing and drying hair, you are not using chemicals or cutting, they wanted to reduce it to 450 hours in order to get people into the business and it’s not the main stay in a big salon where they make their money,” said Harper-Angel.

Harper-Angel says there are current about a half dozen of “blowout bars” in Louisville and Lexington.  But, the Louisville lawmaker believes a lowering of the hourly training time could lead to more similar businesses being established in rural parts of the state.