Kentucky Senate Adopts Constitutional Amendment on Elections

Jan 12, 2018

Northern Kentucky Senator Chris McDaniel
Credit Stu Johnson

The Kentucky Senate has given its approval to a measure which seeks to move the election of statewide constitutional officers to even numbered years.  

It’s a constitutional amendment that, if approved by the general assembly, would go before voters in November.  Kenton County Senator Chris McDaniel says the bill has gotten his chamber’s backing previously.  “The principles remain the same and those are to simplify our elections, to save money for the Commonwealth and for our counties and to improve voter participation in the selection of some of the most important offices across this land,” said McDaniel.



Senator Minority Floor Leader Ray Jones voted no, saying it’s an effort by the majority party to take advantage of current political trends.  “It just allows that much more outside special interest money to be funneled into our Commonwealth to influence these state elections,” noted Jones.  “The system has worked since 1895.  You need to ask yourself, why change it now.”


The constitutional amendment bill now goes to the House.  If it receives backing by 3/5ths of the membership there, the question would be put before Kentucky voters this November.​