Kentucky River Sweep Cleans Up in 18 Counties

Jun 16, 2016

The Kentucky River Authority is credited with cleaning up many Kentucky waterways through its volunteer-driven River Sweeps. This weekend’s sweep at Ft. Boonesborough will add to a list of water quality successes.

The Kentucky River Sweeps is a volunteer-driven event taking place this Saturday which will work in 18 counties spanning the Kentucky River Basin.
Credit Kentucky River Authority

The 2016 River Sweep, sponsored by the Kentucky River Authority, is an opportunity for families to personally beautify water systems in 18 Counties.  Coordinator Sue Elliston has been participating in the event for twenty-two years and has seen great strides made for improving the environment. The purpose of these yearly events is about more than just aesthetics. “It’s actually for education: for young kids, and actually for adults too. It’s helping protect our environment, and it’s also to give something back to your community for the use of our river."

Elliston says previously refrigerators might be pulled from a river.  But, she says it’s not as likely today. The Sweeps will take place this Saturday morning all across the state beginning at 9 am. Past years have seen as many as 200 volunteers showing up to clean riverbanks such as the Kentucky and Ohio River tributaries.