Kentucky Prosecutors Hear Presentation on Marijuana DUI

Aug 30, 2018

Jennifer Knudsen of Colorado District Attorney Council Leads Kentucky Prosecutors Conference Workshop
Credit Stu Johnson

Some participants at this week’s Kentucky Prosecutors Conference have been briefed on the issues related to driving under the influence of marijuana 

Jennifer Knudsen is a traffic safety resource prosecutor in the Denver area.  Colorado voters approved regulated marijuana for leisure use in 2012.  Knudsen says there is no regulation on potency. “There’s actually a race to see who can get the highest THC is flour and then also concentrates.  Concentrates could be anywhere between 90 and 100% THC,” said Knudsen.

Knudsen says the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado has led to more acceptance.  But she says the bottom line is, people shouldn’t be using marijuana and driving.

Knudsen says the effects of marijuana are different than alcohol, but still can lead to impairment. “With marijuana, it could affect you differently whether you use every single day, whether you’ve never used, whether you smoked, whether you’ve eaten something with the drug in it.  Metabolism,” noted Knudsen

Knudsen says Colorado has laws related to both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.