Kentucky Lt. Governor Candidates Debate Education, Minimum Wage on KET

Oct 20, 2015


The two major party candidates for lieutenant governor of Kentucky support ways to enhance education, but they have different ideas. On KET’s Kentucky Tonight, Republican candidate Jenean Hampton said she believes in small government.  “I’ve watched as government gets in the way of people,” Hampton said. “They try to be helpful, and they get bigger and bigger.”  

Hampton says public dollars should follow children whether they be schooled publicly, privately, or at home. Democrat Sanny Overly believes in growing early childhood education.   “You know, Jack and I believe that Kentucky should have a historic expansion of early learning opportunities for our youngest students,” said Overly. 

Both candidates also disagree on how to better ensure safety in the state's schools. Overly said arming teachers may not be the best solution.  “I’ve talked to a number of teachers about this,” said Overly. “They’re concerned about a military type presence in our school system.”

Hampton says her husband witnessed a fatal shooting at an air force base in the 1990’s.   “To this day my husband says had he been allowed to carry in a hospital, then he could have saved lives,” said Hampton. 

On the issue of minimum wage, Overly says she supports increasing it to $10.10 an hour over three years. Hampton says raising minimum wage in Seattle has led to restaurant closures and cutting hours for entry level workers.

Independent candidate Heather Curtis did not participate in the KET meeting because of polling requirements.

Election Day is November 3.