Kentucky Joins Electronic Tolling Consortium

Nov 13, 2015



Kentucky is preparing to move into the electronic tolling age to help pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project near Louisville.  Tolling will begin about a year from now.

The aim is to keep traffic moving along all three crossings. The project is expected to be completed by the end of next year.  Area motorists can purchase a transponder, costing  about $15 , and have tolls automatically taken out of an account.  Those drivers without transponders will have their vehicle license plate photographed and sent a bill in the mail. 

Either way, State Transportation Cabinet Spokesman Chuck Wolfe says the traffic will keep flowing.  “It is an all-electronic tolling system," said Wolfe. "There are no toll booths, there are no coin buckets, you don’t slow down."

The transponder works in 16 states.  Wolfe says there are varying tolls established.  “The dollar is for what we call, a frequent user of the bridges," Wolfe says. "Somebody who makes 40 crossings within a calendar month up to $12 is the fee for a heavy truck, a tractor trailer."

Wolfe says one of the I-65 bridge crossings will open in early December with all three bridges expected to open and tolling in place by the end of next year.​