Kentucky Emergency Teams Head To North Carolina To Assist With Florence

Sep 12, 2018

Hurrican Florence is forcing mass exacuations along the coast line.
Credit NPR.Org

Kentucky Emergency Management is sending two Swiftwater Search and Rescue teams to North Carolina this afternoon Wednesday to assist with relief for the impending Hurricane Florence. They will deploy through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, also known as E-MAC.  The teams intend to arrive in Raleigh, North Carolina, before the storm hits. Director Michael Dossett says emergency managment deploys as many teams as possible to support their E-MAC partners.

“Under the EMAC system we’re deploying two Swiftwater Rescue Teams. Both teams come out of Louisville. The first one is 12 members from the Louisville Fire and Rescue Team and the second one is from the Jefferson County Fire and Rescue Team,” he said

These teams are being sent in response to a request Tuesday from North Carolina for assistance to support emergency personnel.

E-MAC establishes a basis for sharing resources between states and is implemented within the State Emergency Management Agency.