Kentuckians With Employer Health Insurance See Big Rise In Insurance Costs

Dec 7, 2018

Health insurance cost continue to rise for Kentucky employees.
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If you have health insurance through your employer chances are, according to a new study from the Commonwealth Fund, that you costs have gone up in recent years.

On average, Kentucky employees put almost 13 percent of their yearly income toward health insurance expenses in 2017. That’s up from nearly eight and a half percent in 2008.

That’s a pretty big jump that mimics what’s happening nationally: employers are passing more health insurance costs onto employees as health care costs rise.

Researchers looked at two factors: monthly premiums and deductibles. And according to the study, between 2008 and 2017, premiums and deductibles both increased by several hundred dollars.

Kentucky’s numbers aren’t so different from the national figures. Even so, Sara Collins with the Commonwealth Fund says Kentuckians are spending more of their income on health care costs compared to people living in other states.

“So even though Kentuckians pay about the same amount of their premiums as people in a lot of other states do, because their incomes are lower on average, people are spending a greater share of their income on their premiums, and their deductibles.”

For this study, the Commonwealth Fund looked at data from 2008, 2011, 2016 and 2017.