Kentuckian Counts the Toll in Alabama

A central Kentucky woman is helping with the southern storm relief effort as a volunteer for the Bluegrass Chapter of the American Red Cross. Sandy Hall worked as a damage assessor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She went block by block documenting the destruction caused by last week's EF-4 tornado.

"The last area that we assessed, I think it was called Crescent Ridge, it was a housing development that had over 300 houses. At that point they had the cadaver dogs in there because there were still 80 people missing."

The retired school teacher Sandy Hall has seen the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters. But Hall says the devastation left behind by the deadly tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is some of the worst she's witnessed.

"All of the agencies that assist, they will probably need more mental health workers and definitely immediate needs. Because it is totally, you cannot comprehend, that they lost members of their family. Not only that, but they lost everything else."

Hall will be in Alabama for at least another week. On Thursday the Bluegrass Chapter deployed more volunteers to help with the southern storms relief effort.