Keeneland’s Spring Meet Provides a Backdrop for the Breeder’s Cup

Apr 2, 2015

Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Officials at Lexington's historic Keeneland Racecourse are eager for the start of the spring meet, while also keeping an eye toward the fall.  Post time for the first race of the three week event comes just after 1 pm Friday.  Keeneland will also host the Breeders Cup Championships this October.  Spokeswoman Amy Gregory says a new chalet will be in operation for the spring meet.  "It's really a way that we can test run the facility,” said Gregory.  “Give it a test, a trial run during the spring.  Look at food operations, parking, layout inside the chalet."

Racing fans visiting the Lexington track over the next few weeks will notice new services, both short and longer term.  Gregory says new offerings include some additional food options.  "We're looking at ways of working with other chefs and artisans out in the community to really kind of showcase central Kentucky food to guests that really come from around the world," added Gregory.

Gregory says the traditional food favorites like burgoo, corned beef, and bread pudding will remain on the menu. 

The meet’s biggest races, the Bluegrass and the Ashland, will run Saturday. Gregory says that’s a week earlier than usual.  "It really allows now four weeks in between the Blue Grass and the Kentucky Derby,” she said. “So it gives horses and trainers a little more time in between races, which trainers like."

Gregory says a new self-standing ticket center can be found just outside the south gate entrance.   The spring meet runs through April 24th.