Intersection Fundraising Before Council committee

May 10, 2011

Many charitable groups across the region collect donations at traffic lights.  But,  Lexington’s prohibition of such fundraisers will continue.  The Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program and Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center thinks fundraising at busy intersections is a good idea.  They want to model their Lexington effort after a highly successful campaign waged in Louisville.  However, councilmember Bill Farmer joined the majority in rejecting the proposal.

“I’m personally not sure that’s a change I want to make in the way that Lexington is.  I understand the good reasons for it.  I understand the good outcomes of it,” said Farmer.

Center director Rhonda Henry says soliciting donations from motorists would involve Lexington in the fight against abuse.

“We know out local government isn’t in a position to fill every need that we have, so we’re really trying to look outside the box and hoping that that will be supported by the community,” added Henry.

The Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program director Darlene Thomas agrees such fundraising would  build public awareness.  Now, she says, they might revise their proposal.

“We can go back and look at a way to modify it.  Also probably, really like to have some feedback from our community,” said Thomas.

Initially, the groups were hoping to collect money at four to six intersections.