I-85 Closure in Georgia Could Affect Ky Spring-Breakers

Apr 4, 2017

Last week’s collapse of an Interstate 85 bridge in Atlanta will likely affect hundreds of spring break travelers from Kentucky.  State transportation officials are urging motorists to check all traffic routing sources before making the trip through Georgia's capital city.

Crews inspect a section of an I-85 overpass in Atlanta that collapsed from a large fire, roiling traffic in the heart of the city. Officials have completely shut down the heavily traveled road.
Credit NPR


More than 80 Kentucky school districts were scheduled to observe spring break this week.  The I-75 path to Florida is a popular one for many Kentuckians. 

State Transportation Spokeswoman Naitore  Djigbenou says Georgia transportation officials are suggesting I-75 as an option while repairs are made to the collapsed freeway. “They’re advising motorists to use I-75 as well as two other interstates, due to the closing.  So, if traffic is being routed on I-75, there should be increased traffic there,” Djigbenou said. 

A massive fire under the I-85 freeway viaduct last Thursday caused the 100 foot section of roadway to fall.  Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.​