Hundreds of Fish Get a New Kentucky Home This Week

Jul 5, 2018

File Photo of Benji Lake
Credit Stu Johnson

Hundreds of fish have been on the move this week, going from northern Kentucky to central Kentucky, with the bulk of that trip made on wheels. 

In an effort to assess a leaking dam at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, water in the nine acre lake is being drawn down.  Kentucky State Parks Spokesman Gil Lawson says some 300 fish were moved this week to Benjy Kinman Lake.  “They do that by stunning the fish with electro-fishing boats and then, picking them up with nets and putting them into a container truck that transported them to a lake in Henry County,” said Lawson.

Lawson says mostly largemouth bass, but also some catfish and bluegill were recovered and sent to the 88 acre lake.    Lawson says recreational fishing could take a slight uptick at the Henry County lake.  “There will be 300 more fish up there than there used to be.  Now, it’s a much larger lake.  The one in Henry County is 88 acres and that’s almost ten times bigger than the lake at Big Bone Lick,” added Lawson.

Lawson says there’s not a timeline yet on when repairs to the dam might be completed or the lake re-opened.  He says the focus now is on determining the extent of the leak.