House Speaker Remains Optimistic Some Priority Measures Can Still Win Passage

Mar 12, 2015

Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU News

    Many Kentucky lawmakers are probably a bit worn out after another late night session in Frankfort Wednesday.  It's become a tradition for state legislators to work a long day right before the end of the session break.

Members from the House and Senate worked well into the night Wednesday, primarily considering amended bills.  High profile bills on issues ranging from heroin overdoses to supporting road construction were not voted on.  House Speaker Greg Stumbo is holding out hope that those items can be acted on when lawmakers come back at the end of March.  "I still think we're going to get a bill on heroin.  I think we're gonna probably get a bill on dating violence.  I'm hoping something will be done with the road gas tax situation," said Stumbo.

The gas tax situation was one of items mentioned as a priority heading into the 2015 general assembly session.  Without action,  House Speaker Greg Stumbo says the most severe problems may fall in the lap of the state's next governor.  "The reality is that Governor Beshear and his administration would have enough money to, I think, finish out the projects, which he has designated as being important to his administration,” said Stumbo.  “The real problem hits in the next administration."

Stumbo says if the legislature doesn't act on road fund problems, the revenue loss could be an additional $300 million.  The House leader says Kentucky communities could feel additional stress in trying to support local road funds. ​