House Passes Measure to Keep Drones Away from Key Infrastructure Sites

Mar 2, 2018


The Kentucky House has voted overwhelmingly to criminalize unauthorized drone activity over key infrastructure sites in the Commonwealth. 

The measure sets out misdemeanor penalties when  unmanned aircraft fly over places such as chemical plants, water treatment facilities, and railroads.  Fort Wright Representative Diane St. Onge is the bill sponsor. “Someone who knowingly flies over one of our key assets with the intent to film or record that they will be subject to class B for first offense, class A for second or subsequent offense for doing that,” said St. Onge.

St. Onge says the legislation relates to the possibility of terroristic acts, but would not be limited to that.    “It could be terrorism related.  It could be someone who just thinks this is funny.  Let’s just go and do this,” noted St. Onge.  “It covers the whole gamut of someone who would be doing this for non-legitimate purposes, non-lawful purposes.”

The bill heads now to the senate.