Horse Racing Commission Backs Proposal for Drug Free Races

Mar 23, 2015


The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is backing a proposal to prohibit the use of Lasix in some races.  The Courier Journal reports the commission approved the regulation Monday.  The rule would ban the drug from being used within 24 hours of post times for particular races.  Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer believes it's the right move to make.  "I do know that it is therapeutic for horses, but I also believe there is good evidence that it is performance enhancing and the public perception is it's performance enhancing," said Thayer.

Lasix has been used in racing to help prevent Thoroughbred and Standardbred race horses from bleeding through the nose during races.

Prospect Representative David Osborne believes the industry could do a better job in the communication area.  "There's been a failure on the industry's part of communicating exactly what legal medication is and illegal drugs are and we've just done a very poor job on educating the public about what could be very beneficial medications as opposed to illegal drugs," said Osborne.

Osborne says, in theory, he doesn't have a problem with carding certain races as 'Lasix free.'  ​