Historic House Comes to Centre Campus on Wheels

Jan 21, 2015

Credit Centre College

​Centre College is gaining additional student housing in the form of a 60 year old house on wheels.  The bungalow brick home was transported some six blocks just after midnight Wednesday and brought to the Danville campus.

Centre Spokesman Michael Strysick says it's been four decades since Danville has seen such a move.  "Wayne King, who is the director of our facilities management and is really overseeing this whole project, has been here at Centre for forty years, so he's really our institutional memory.  So, it's historic in that sense, it's not a frequent occurrence," said Strysick.

Strysick says Centre bought five properties along the eastern edge of campus.  Four of the five properties, including a gas station, have been razed. 

He says the brick home was moved because there were environmental concerns at its previous location. "Our concern was with the contaminants in the ground, we didn't want to renovate that property and put people in it.  But, since the building itself was not contaminated, lifting it from its foundation and moving it six blocks away and putting it on a new foundation, it will be completely safe," added Strysick.

About 10 students are expected to move into the renovated house this fall.​