Gray Offers Public Endorsement Of McGrath In Congressional Race

Jun 29, 2018

Credit Stu Johnson

Using the renovated historic Fayette County Courthouse as a backdrop, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray Friday offered a formal endorsement for 6th Congressional District candidate Amy McGrath.  

The retired Marine fighter pilot easily defeated Gray and three other Democrats in the May primary. She’s facing GOP incumbent Andy Barr in the fall race.   Gray was asked what makes McGrath an effective candidate. “She has a commitment.  I said earlier ‘she’s tough as nails and strong as new rope’, and her service to her country is something that certainly resonated with the voters.  And that’s going to resonate in the fall as well,” said Gray.

Gray said Democrats and some Republicans will rally around McGrath, who was asked if she expects to get the support of many GOP voters.  “I care about all people.  I don’t care about what party you’re in.  I want to speak to all people.  I want to listen to all people.  So, if Republicans want to vote the way they want to vote, great, Independents, it doesn’t matter to me,” said McGrath.

McGrath said she’s honored to have Gray's support, calling him an exceptional mayor.  The first-time candidate added she’ll need Gray’s support and will lean on him for advice.