Gay Man Once Denied Marriage License Files to Run for Rowan County Clerk

Dec 6, 2017

Credit Associated Press-Adam Beam

A gay man who was denied a marriage license by Rowan County’s Clerk has officially filed to run against her in 2018.

David Ermold filed Wednesday to run for county clerk.

Two years after Kim Davis refused to issue a marriage license to David Ermold because he is gay, Ermold has filed papers hoping to challenge her for her job. He says his campaign focuses on leadership, fairness and responsibility. “I want to send a message out there that you can embrace diversity, you can embrace inclusion, you can embrace these things. They’re not just Democratic issues, they’re not just Republican issues,” said Ermold.  “They’re universal issues that are important to everyone.”


Davis went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses following the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage. In September of 2015 five couples, including David Ermold and his now husband sued Davis. Her first term as clerk of Rowan County ends next year and her attorney confirmed last month she is running for re-election.


Three other people have also filed to run against her.