Gas Price Fluctuation Town to Town

Jun 14, 2012

Motorists across Kentucky are keen to the fact that when it comes to predicting gasoline prices, it is far from an exact science.  It’s not unusual to find pump prices in one town 20 to 30 cents lower than in a community less than a half hour away.  Petroleum Anaylst Patrick DeHaan  with Gas Buddy dot com says sometimes several stations are owned by one retailer.  “Sometimes we find these wild swings where some communities have raised their price to follow the leader and in areas where there is no leader prices might not necessarily rise that much,” said DeHaan.

Gasoline prices often vary day to day in any given community.  It’s not unusual for the per gallon cost to also vary greatly from one region to another.   Dehaan says, in some states, the difference can reach close to a dollar a gallon..

“We have seen variances in one state between sixty and eighty cents between the lowest price and the highest Kentucky isn’t the biggest state in the nation…so I expect the difference between low and high to be a little bit smaller,” said DeHaan.

According to the gas survey firm, at this time Somerset has some of the cheapest gas at three dollars four cents a gallon.