Former Morning Edition Newscaster Jean Cochran on Eastern Standard

Jul 20, 2015

  Former NPR newscaster Jean Cochran was our special guest at last years at May 7th reception for WEKU Day Sponsors at Lexington's Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa. Today we revisit that program, which was recorded in front of an audience of WEKU listeners. us for a show recorded before an audience of WEKU listeners.

Jean Cochran helped wake America by delivering the news during Morning Edition for most of her 33 years at NPR

Jean has been one of America’s most familiar voices to millions of radio listeners for decades as a newscaster on NPR’s Morning Edition.  Her newscasts have aired live on 849 member stations nationwide, heard by nearly 27-million listeners every week.

For most of her 33 years at NPR, Cochran wrote 5-minute round-ups of world and national news and delivered each newscast ‘live’ on the half-hour, seven times each morning starting at 5:30 am Eastern time. That meant arriving at NPR studios in Washington, D.C. by 3 am. (And going to bed each weeknight at 6pm!)

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