Flood Victims Likely to Face Insurance Challenges

Jul 16, 2015

Credit kentucky.com

The focus in flood-stricken areas of Eastern Kentucky remains on immediate day-to-day needs of food and shelter. At least three people died and crews continue to search for others who are missing.  In time, that emphasis will turn to recovery.  While houses built along waterways are often not insured for flood damage, Robin Coombs with the State Department of Insurance says water damage from a wind event may be covered.  "If the tornado takes the roof off of the house, and then the house floods from the direct rains falling from the heavens, then that could be covered water damage,” said Coombs.  “But, if it's surface water getting into the home, then that surface water is not covered," she continued.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports hundreds of homes may have suffered damage with 150 destroyed.

Coombs says homeowners' coverage oftens comes into play for fires or smaller scale wind damage.  "Generally sudden and accidental and that it's not going to be so totally widespread that it's beyond the assets of the insurance company," added Coombs.

Governor Beshear has instructed state emergency management officials to continue conversations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency about federal assistance.​