Feedback: Why Air Underwriting Credits from Ohio Statehouse?

Mar 17, 2014

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An astute listener sent the following email, “Several times each day I hear sponsorships for items from the Ohio State House News Bureau, and would like to know what stories are coming from that source? I have been unable to identify any stories that seem to be Ohio State House stories. I look forward to having clarification on that. Am I missing something?”

We wrote back, explaining that WEKU, and some other Kentucky public radio stations, have an agreement with the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse Bureau to share stories when appropriate. As part of that deal, we have agreed to broadcast a specified number of underwriting announcements for them each week.

Although we have not recently aired any Ohio stories under this agreement, the decision to continue that arrangement will be made after a new News Director has been hired.

Along with a recent donation for Denise and Ken in Georgetown, we received the following comments: “We were 30 years moving around with the military and proudly sponsored the local NPR stations with each new location, from Fairbanks AK to Tampa FL. We are now settled in Georgetown and are happy we found WEKU and we love the programming. Keep up the good work."

A Lexington listener, choosing to remain anonymous, commented that he listens to WEKU's daytime talk shows as well as classical music on 102.1 but he would like to hear more from the BBC during overnight hours.

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