Feedback: Why the 6:00 Hour of All Things Considered? plus Ongoing, Severe Tech. Issues with 102.1

Jul 21, 2014

Listener Michael emailed us, “Would you consider having a different show at 6:00 PM on weekdays instead of repeating the 4:00 hour of All Things Considered? I find myself often listening during both those hours on a given day and it's a drag hearing the rerun.”

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We appreciate Michael’s suggestion, and any from our listeners, of course.  I assume most are aware that we do not air a repeat of the first hour of All Things Considered on Fridays.  That’s based on a belief that listening patterns are a bit different as the weekend approaches.

We’ll look closely at our ratings data but, in general, the thought behind the 6:00 pm “rollover” is that there are still many people leaving work at that hour of the evening, most of whom could not tune in between 4:00 and 5:00.  This brings up the issue that we have really two types of listeners, those who tune in and out a couple or few times a day and those, like Michael, who obviously listen for long periods of time.  We certainly want to serve both groups in the best way possible.

Speaking of serving our listeners, our sister station in the Lexington area, Classic 102.1, has not been serving listeners very well at all this past week.

Female caller, “Are you guys aware that you are off the air? You have been for at least the last few minutes.  It would be nice to have some music.”

As I posted on Facebook over the weekend, the problem is with the Internet service that brings the signal from our studios in Richmond to the transmitter in Lawrenceburg.  At the moment, we have a service call scheduled for Tuesday. We'll see what happens with that.

This goes against everything we as broadcasters stand for in terms of providing a consistent and reliable service to our listeners and we are as frustrated as you, the listeners. Thanks for bearing with us while we explore options.

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