Feedback: Where is Marketplace Morning Rpt & Suggestions for African-American, Native Shows

Oct 6, 2014

Here’s a note we received by postal mail from listener Daniel, “For all five days this week, WEKU has not broadcast” ‘Marketplace Morning Report” between 7:50 and 8:00 am. Is this change in programming temporary (I hope) or permanent? I tried to get a clue from your website but my machine locked up.” He adds, “I will no longer be visiting your website.” 

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In response to Daniel, the change in scheduling Marketplace Morning Report is “permanent.” That is, as permanent as anything in this business, of course.  We’re now airing that program at 6:51 and 8:51 thanks to a new arrangement between NPR and the producers of the show, American Public Media. We did promote it for a few days before making the change but obviously not enough for Daniel, and I’m sure some other listeners, to hear it.

As for the website, I’m not sure what happened there but we’re hoping it was a problem with your computer, not the website.  But, we will, of course, check it out.

Rita emailed us, “You have many fine programs on WEKU, but it would be nice to have something directed to African-American affairs.  Tavis Smiley has a radio program; maybe you could add it.

I'd also like to suggest you carry National Native News.  Kentuckians don't know much about Native Americans, and one man even told our daughter that there were never any Native Americans in Kentucky!  It's only a 5-minute newscast and might not cost much money."

Rita adds, "Finally, I wish you would turn down the volume on your recorded station identifications during the night.  I often have WEKU on when I'm in bed, and your station id announcements are twice as loud as the classical music or the music program hosts.”

And, on the WEKU Facebook page, Becca wrote, “NPR is my lifeline to thorough, honest, and intelligent journalism. If I'm at home during the day, I'm likely to leave it on for hours and hours. I especially love News Hour by the BBC, Here and Now, Q, and the Dinner Party Download. Thanks for everything you do.

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