Feedback: What's up with BBC at 4:00 am?

Sep 9, 2013

Ella from Barbourville, wrote, “What's up with the BBC Newshour (or whatever that was) at 4 AM Monday?  I thought your mission was to promote arts and culture, as well as news and talk."

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Ella continued, "The music part keeps eroding away.   Please don't cut back any more on the classical music on the radio.   It's all we can get on our radios in the more remote parts of your service area.”

Another email came from Robin, “OMG.  Does ANYBODY at WEKU seriously believe that those of us who are listening at 4 AM would rather hear a BBC report on body hair removal than a Mozart concerto????  Please, please, please give me back my hour of classical music.”

On our Listener Comment Line, Gary of Somerset left a request, “I enjoy your program.  I thought maybe that you might put in a little fill-in time with a farmer’s report, like on the cattle market and soybean and corn markets, about 4:00 in the evenings, 4:30 or 8:00 in the morning or dinner time.”

Another caller left a message regarding our music station, Classic 102.1, “I enjoy the jazz at night on Saturday nights and I also enjoy the classical with Fred.”

Whether you’re a fan of Fred Child or Terry Gross, or Ira Glass, we’d love to put your comments on the air.  And what about those overnight hours?  Are you happy with the music in most of those hours. Do you have thoughts about the hour of BBC News we’ve added at 4:00 am?

We’ll gladly keep your identity anonymous but we do need to know who you are, especially when you call 859-622-1657.

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